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Skills and Employment - City Deal

Skills and Employment

Three labour market projects will help to address local employment challenges

Working Matters

A new employment scheme for individuals who are on health related benefits will work with 4,000 people, assisting at least 600 into sustained work.

Project Value: £9 Million

Regional Project

Find out more about Working Matter including real-life examples of people who have joined the programme.

Youth Gateway

An integrated employment programme for young people (Aged 16 - 24) will work with 15,000 people over the next three years, helping 5,000 into sustained work.

Project Value: £15 million

Regional Project

In Work Progression

A pilot labour market progression programme in the Care sector to support the training and development of staff in low income jobs, boosting wages and reducing reliance on in-work benefits.

Project Value: £600,000

Regional Project