As would be expected of a Programme of its size, scope and ambition, the Glasgow City Region City Deal is underpinned by formal governance arrangements and ongoing scrutiny.
Governance arrangements for the City Deal were agreed by government and are set out in the Assurance Framework. This formal document was approved by the Cabinet in March 2015 and revised in 2019. It sets out governance structures and arrangements for the City Deal Programme; how Business Cases will be progressed, evaluated and agreed and how the funding mechanisms will work.
The Cabinet is the ultimate decision-making body. You can read more about the Cabinet, how we make decisions and our structures here.
The Programme is subject to a series of monitoring reports. You can find out more about these here.

Scrutiny and Audit

The Programme Liaison Group (PLG), made up of representatives from the UK and Scottish Governments, met regularly throughout the year to review and monitor the City Deal Programme’s progress and the delivery of the PMO’s work programme as set out within the Annual Implementation Plan
The Programme is subject to a series of planned audits, externally by Audit Scotland and internally, by Glasgow City Council Internal Audit, appointed by the Cabinet.
An annual plan for audit activity for the year ahead is agreed by Cabinet, with findings, recommendations and progress on follow up actions reported to Cabinet throughout the year.