Picture of Loch Lomond


Glasgow City Region is the gateway to Scotland, with extensive air, road and rail networks.

The past ten years have seen significant investment in major Regional transport projects and our £1 billion City Deal programme will deliver further extensive transport infrastructure and enhanced active travel and connectivity throughout the Region.

We need to improve links between communities, jobs, businesses, learning and leisure. People, goods and services must be able to move freely across the City Region and have national and international access, with a broad choice between walking, cycling, driving, flying, sailing and train.

It has to support social inclusion – to work for all our residents; to get people where they need to get to, when they need to get there.

Growth in the delivery of and demand for sustainable transport and active travel networks is also set to continue.

Transport has an enormous and sometimes a contradictory role to play in our environmental ambitions and targets.

The findings from the Glasgow Connectivity Commission report make a compelling case for an ambitious sustainable transport solution – a Glasgow metro – which would build on our potential as a global City Region. We’ll continue to work closely with the Scottish Government and will complete feasibility work required to ensure it can be considered as a key, national project.

The Transport and Connectivity Portfolio is part of the Region’s solution to addressing and managing these complex issues and opportunities.

Improving Transport and connectivity is vital to the quality of our Place, the opportunities for our People, and ultimately in helping us to meet our environmental and inclusive growth ambitions.