Hub Resources

The Intelligence Hub has produced a wide range of analysis and commentaries. A selection of these are available as below:

Latest Monthly Economic Briefing: An economic briefing report looking at evidence of what is happening across the economy at UK, Scottish and Glasgow City Region levels. Key points covered include economic output updates, inflation, labour market challenges, unemployment forecasts, and rising poverty predictions. GCR Intelligence Hub – March Economic Briefing

Cost of Living Economic Briefing 2022: This briefing
note provides an overview of the cost of living crisis and its impact
on Glasgow City Region. Glasgow City Region Cost of Living Economic Briefing

Regional Economic Baseline: This is a summary of the key issues impacting the Region. It includes the identification of key Regional priorities which will shape the work of the team. The document is regularly updated and reviewed / approved by the Glasgow City Region Cabinet annually. Regional Economic Baseline

Covid Briefing Number 10: The Intelligence Hub produced regular briefings about the impact of the pandemic on the economy and the emerging challenges and opportunities. You can read it here Covid – 19 Economic Briefing No 10

Economic Quarterly Reports: The Intelligence Hub produces a quarterly report each focusing on the latest data releases and on a specific theme impacting the economy. These reports can be found here.
GCR Quarterly – December 2020

Bespoke Analysis:The team also produces a variety of analysis focusing on specific issues. Some of these can be found here.Brexit Briefing – Feb 2021 

The Foundational Economy: Foundational Economy June 2021 The Foundational Economy is the nation’s essential physical and operating infrastructure and public services. This briefing note provides an overview of the Foundational Economy, its importance to the GCR economy and how it could shape policy in the future.

Key Workers: Key Workers April 2021 The response to the coronavirus crisis has underlined the critical role of the UKs key workers – a term which has been used to describe the type of work that was deemed essential during the pandemic. This briefing note analyses key workers across different sectors in terms of demographic profiles and working conditions.

If there is any specific analysis you are interested in, please contact the team