Economic Recovery

Covid-19 has had a far reaching and continuing impact on the UK and the global economy and no less on Glasgow City Region.

We do not underestimate the scale of the challenge – for our economy, residents and businesses, labour market and for young people and their future opportunities.

However, we have a strong Regional Economic Recovery Plan in place which sets out the key activities we are taking, focused around the themes of People, Place and Business.

Actions are being progressed in collaboration with key Regional partners, including Skills Development Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, and in consultation with our Portfolio Groups.

The plan is underpinned by extensive research and analysis to identify the most pressing challenges faced by our businesses and residents, the priorities and importantly the opportunities arising that we can grasp to shape our recovery as we plan to create jobs in a green and equitable economy in the post-Covid period.

This includes ambitious proposals for a major housing energy retrofit programme which will reduce fuel poverty, cut carbon emissions and create meaningful local jobs.

Performance against the delivery of the Recovery Plan will be reported through Cabinet.

The Recovery Plan will take us through the next critical period as we continue to live with Covid-19 and while a vaccine continues to be developed and rolled out. We will then publish a Regional Economic Strategy which builds on the foundations set out in this Recovery Plan and reflects our long-term objectives as we restart our Regional economy