Measuring the results of the City Deal is a critical part of the overall agreement between Government and the Cabinet.

City Deal funding from the UK and Scottish Governments will be unlocked in five-year funding blocks. The formal process for agreeing the release of funding will be a series of five-yearly Gateway Reviews. If the City Deal meets agreed outputs and outcomes at each review, the full £1 billion of funding from the UK and Scottish Governments will be unlocked.

It was agreed that these reviews will be conducted by an independent body.

For reasons of consistency, a single approach to evaluation across the regions in receipt of funding was agreed by the UK Government. As such a National Evaluation Panel was established to look across all of the UK City Deals.

As Glasgow City Region City Deal is funded by equal contributions from the Scottish and the UK Government, the national evaluation will be complemented with additional activity specific to the Glasgow City Region, recognising additional and complementary priorities.

Locally the Commission for Economic Growth has been established to provide advice on monitoring and evaluation. The Commission will also feed into the independent evaluation of the Glasgow City Deal being led by the National Panel. The first Gateway Review was completed in May 2020.