Transport and Connectivity Portfolio

The Transport and Connectivity Portfolio is led by North Lanarkshire Council, with representatives from our eight councils and including Clydeplan, Transport Scotland and SPT.

The group works together with a range of partners and agencies to ensure joined-up thinking on transport and to support the delivery of ambitious and extensive change to ensure we have a transport system worthy of a world-class region.

The policy and delivery connections between transport, land use planning, investment and economic growth are often considered separately. However, the climate emergency and inclusive growth agendas increasingly require us to consider these issues alongside one another.

Since its inception the Transport and Connectivity Portfolio has strengthened our Regional transport voice contributing to national, Regional and local transport issues and policy.

Priorities for 2021 include:

  • Supporting the preparation of a Regional Bus Partnership bid
  • Continue to engage with Transport Scotland on the preparation of their Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 and the delivery of the second National Transport Strategy
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Regional Transport Strategy led by SPT