Land Use and Sustainability

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A Green Place

Land Use and Sustainability

Recognised as a leading City Region for sustainability, in November 2021 Glasgow hosted COP26, the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) climate change conference. Glasgow has also received world recognition as a sustainable city – awarded the status of a Global Green City in 2020.

We are determined to make the best use of our land – for creating sustainable jobs, affordable and energy efficient new homes, and high-quality greenspace. Ensuring that the Region remains an attractive and investible global location is a fundamental pillar of our plans.

Work underway to safeguard and enhance our natural environment includes our Clyde Climate Forest project which will deliver a major increase in tree planting across the Region as a response to the Climate Emergency.

The Region faces and will continue to face a wide range of risks from the impacts of climate change. Our draft Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy will ensure the City Region flourishes in its future climate and outlines place-based priorities for adaptation due to concentrations of hazards, economic assets and those most vulnerable to climate change.

GCR’s level of CO2 per capita emissions has been decreasing steadily in the long-term. Our CO2 emissions from transport account for 40% of total emissions, while the remaining 60% stem from domestic, commercial, industry and land. Achieving an attractive and successful environment is an aim of the Net Zero Carbon target, a crucial element of the Regional Economic Recovery Plan and the Region is seeking to improve the carbon performance of its housing stock over the next ten years.

The Land Use and Sustainability Portfolio brings together a number of partners to ensure joined-up thinking on land use and sustainability and to support our plans for a sustainable, attractive and world-class Region.

A sustainable and a high-quality physical environment is essential to the success of the Region and the well-being of our residents