Sustainable Procurement

As a Region, we have a collective procurement spend of over £2 billion per annum.

We recognise that how we manage our considerable spending power and procure goods and services must be aligned to our key challenges – in addressing inequality, climate change and dealing with the current pressing challenge of economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19.

We are also determined that decisions we make in procurement will benefit our local businesses and our local communities.

Our new Sustainable Procurement Strategy has been developed in consultation with partners and other stakeholders. We have identified five strategic objectives:

  • Encouraging Collaboration across Glasgow City Region
  • Supporting Local Businesses to Thrive
  • Creating Opportunities for Employment and Jobs
  • Skills, Training and Fair Work
  • Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change and Reducing Carbon Emissions

The Sustainable Procurement Strategy was launched in 2021.

The latest Action Plan was approved in October 2023.

We recognise we have an opportunity to do things better, differently, to make a real difference and to raise our ambitions to a higher level. The scale of this opportunity is enormous.

View our 2021 Sustainable Procurement Strategy.

View the 2023 Action Plan.