Cabinet Meetings and Papers

Cabinet meetings are held every eight weeks. Dates for 2021 with links to papers are shown below. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Cabinet meetings are currently taking place by video conference.


Tuesday 9th February
Tuesday 6th April
Tuesday 1st June
Tuesday 10th August
Tuesday 5th October
Tuesday 7th December
Dates and papers from previous Cabinet meetings:
Please note the April 2020 Cabinet meeting did not take place, with decisions made remotely by the Cabinet.

Tuesday 11th February
April Cabinet  papers [1Mb] and agreed decisions and recommendations [163kb]
Tuesday 2nd June
Tuesday 11th August
Tuesday 6th October
Tuesday 8th December 

Tuesday 12th February
Tuesday 9th April
Tuesday 4th June
Tuesday 13th August
Tuesday 8th October
Tuesday 10th December – Cabinet cancelled due to General Election. 

Tuesday 13th February
Tuesday 10th April
Tuesday 5th June
Tuesday 14th August
Tuesday 9th October
Tuesday 11th December

Tuesday 14th February
Tuesday 11th April
Tuesday 13th June
Tuesday 15th August
Wednesday 11 October
Tuesday 12th December

Tuesday 16th February
Tuesday 12th April
Tuesday 7th June
Tuesday 16th August
Tuesday 18th October
Monday 12th December

Tuesday 20th January
Tuesday 17th March
Tuesday 12th May
Tuesday 23rd June
Tuesday 18th August
Tuesday 20th October
Tuesday 15th December