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Glasgow City Region is one of the most affordable and attractive places to live in the UK, ranking fourth among the UK’s Core City Regions with upward trends in both the social and private sector. There is no shortage of available land and extensive land remediation being delivered through our City Deal infrastructure programme is freeing up sites in key locations across the Region for new housing. We estimate the need for over 90,000 new homes in the next 20 years.

There remains a longstanding legacy of deprivation, with a high number of residents living in some of Scotland’s most deprived areas. The need for investment remains as strong as ever and Covid19 is only increasing this need.

To support the needs of existing residents and the future growth of our population, we are taking forward a series of actions.

As part of the Region’s response to Covid-19, we are developing proposals for an ambitious Housing Energy Retrofit programme which will create meaningful jobs, improve the quality of housing, and deliver on our shared commitment to net zero carbon emissions.

Working across our council areas, with local public and private housing developers and associations, we are developing a City Region Housing Strategy and Investment Plan. This will set out a co-ordinated programme of housebuilding, mapping out locations, numbers, price brackets and housing mix.

Further complementary work is also underway to analyse and predict the current and future demographic make-up of our population and household types to help to match residents housing needs with these plans.

More and better housing –
ensuring the right amount, mix and supply of attractive and affordable
housing that meets the needs of all existing and future residents