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Who we are

We are the eight partner councils that make up Glasgow City Region working with local and national stakeholders to drive Regional economic growth and improvement.

Together we are developing plans that will help to grow our economy and provide a great place for residents to live, work and study; for our businesses to flourish and for companies to invest in. In fact, we aim to be the most productive City Region economy in the UK.

What we have achieved so far…

Since the Glasgow City Region Cabinet was established in 2014, we have achieved a great deal, investing millions of pounds in improving transport and connectivity; growing skills; supporting businesses and freeing up derelict land for housing, retail and commercial development.

Our ground-breaking £1.13 billion City Deal, one of the largest in the UK, is funding major infrastructure projects; creating thousands of new jobs and generating millions of pounds of private sector investment.

We have committed to delivering a shared Regional Economic Strategy which targets 100,000 extra jobs; 6,500 new businesses, and big improvements in qualifications, training and skills and to bring thousands of hectares of vacant and derelict land into use and support the building of 110,000 new homes across the region.