Glasgow City Region Investment Zone

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Glasgow City Region
Investment Zone

Up to £160 million support to deliver economic growth, more high skill jobs, investment, provide specialist business support and improve local infrastructure. The Glasgow City Region Investment Zone will drive growth in priority sectors and boost the Region’s competitiveness.

In June 2023, Glasgow City Region was announced as one of two new Investment Zones in Scotland following a joint selection process by the UK and Scottish Governments. The two Investment Zones, in Glasgow City Region and the North East, are each supported by an overall funding envelope of up to £80 million in targeted investment, tax reliefs and other incentives over five years.

In June, the Investment Zones were announced with £80 million funding. This was increased to £160 million support in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November 2023.

The Investment Zone will be focused around the Region’s leading research institutions with a focus on driving growth in priority sectors. 

Regional leaders, businesses and universities are now taking the lead in shaping plans for the Investment Zone, and discussions between the Region and both governments are ongoing to develop detailed proposals.