Publications and Policy documents


In this area, you can view a range of publications and policy documents relating to the Glasgow City Region Economic Strategy and to the City Deal.

City Deal

The Assurance Framework is the formal document which sets out how the City Deal will be governed and managed. Approved by the Cabinet in March 2015 and revised in 2019, it sets out governance structures and arrangements for the City Deal Programme; how business cases will be progressed, evaluated and agreed and how the funding mechanisms will work.

We produce performance reports on our City Deal progress annually:

A number of documents are available relating to our plans for Procurement and Community Benefits:

Glasgow City Region Economic Growth and Regeneration

Our Regional Recovery Plan for Covid-19 has a focus on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewing.
Our GCR Regional Economic Strategy 2015/35 and GCR Economic Action Plan 2015/35 were launched in 2016.
In 2019 we launched and ambitious GCR Tourism Strategy 2019 and GCR Tourism Action Plan and in June 2017 we launched our GCR Skills Investment Plan.