Tontine Businesses with Ambitions to Grow Celebrate iGAP Learning Success

A key partnership between Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Business School came to fruition this week, as ambitious enterprises nurtured by the Glasgow City Deal business accelerator Tontine, completed iGAP@Tontine – a specially created programme designed to help companies with aspirations to scale-up.

Drawing on their experience of the Growth Advantage Programme which delivers practical learning for leaders of businesses looking to grow, Strathclyde Business School worked with Glasgow City Council to develop iGAP@Tontine – a specially tailored programme for a select group of enterprises based at the business incubator, Tontine.

Tontine attracts and nurtures high growth entrepreneurial talent and its Merchant City base is host to many of Glasgow’s significant growth companies of the future.

The class of 2019 – the first Tontine cohort to undertake the bespoke package of learning, have now completed the six-month programme which included particular focus on growth concepts. The design of the programme has meant that participants could share their learning over time, supported by diagnostic tools and take away tool kits to use back in their own organisations.

Jane Gotts of GenAnalytics Ltd said; “What iGAP has really done for us is given us a focus and a reassurance that we’re on the right track in terms of growing a successful business.”

Chris Hughes of Estendio said; “I’ve taken a huge amount from the iGAP programme especially around the peer networking and getting the thoughts from a really diverse group of people.”

Alison McHugh of Adlantic said; “The main things I’ve got from iGAP are the laser sharp focus on the key customers and the key services we need to focus on.”

Each programme has been delivered by the top entrepreneurship faculty from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School and directed by peer learning expert John Anderson, former chief executive of the Entrepreneurial Exchange.