Three Glasgow City Region sites make list of potential bases for Heathrow logistics hub

A total of 121 sites across the whole of the UK pitched to become a logistics hub location – off-site centres for construction and manufacturing which will help the airport deliver its expansion plans.

That list has now been whittled down to 65, including three in the Glasgow City Region:

  • Glasgow Airport Investment Area / Westway site in Renfrewshire
  • Queenslie Industrial Estate in Glasgow
  • Eurocentral / Mossend in North Lanarkshire

Heathrow will be the first major infrastructure project in the UK to pioneer the large-scale use of logistics hubs – aiming to build as much of the project off-site as possible. The hubs will work by pre-assembling components off-site before transporting them in consolidated loads to Heathrow just as they are needed.

Glasgow City Region Cabinet Chair and Glasgow City Council Leader, Susan Aitken said: “As Scotland’s economic powerhouse, Glasgow City Region is the ideal location for a Heathrow Expansion Logistics Hub. Well-connected globally, with a highly skilled workforce, a well-developed supply chain base and an ambitious programme for infrastructure and development, collectively make it the compelling choice for a Heathrow logistics hub.”

Heathrow Chairman Lord Deighton said:  “Our aim, to harness the skills we need through long-term projects such as the Logistics Hubs and Business Summits, will drive jobs and investment leaving a legacy of increased productivity for the construction sector. The third runway is not a London centric project – it is one we are opening up to the whole of the UK, asking for its skills and expertise to help build an asset this country so desperately needs to safeguard its future prosperity.”