Local people benefitting from nearly 300 employment opportunities through the Glasgow City Region City Deal.

Hundreds of local young people are benefitting from apprenticeship and new entrant opportunities delivered through Glasgow City Region City Deal contracts.

Figures show that City Deal contractors have committed to creating 87 apprenticeship positions and 209 new entrant positions as part of community benefits on City Deal projects.

Of these, 62 apprenticeships and 185 new entrant positions have already been completed or are underway.

Councillor Susan Aitken, Chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet and Leader of Glasgow City Council said: “Our City Deal has been instrumental in ensuring that Glasgow’s regional economy remains one of the UK’s most diverse and competitive. 

“But it’s also increasingly important in confronting long-standing challenges and creating opportunities to deliver a more inclusive economy, helping nurture the skills and knowledge of our young people. 

“I’m delighted to see that it has created more apprenticeship and employment opportunities for hundreds of young people entering the world of work.

“Investing in skills and employment is an investment in the City Region’s future, helping create a more competitive, inclusive, productive and resilient economy while supporting our people and communities.”

Additionally, more than 280 work experience placements have taken place and more than 185 people have been supported to gain a vocational training qualification.

58% of Tier 1 City Deal contracts have also been awarded to local companies, with a value of £142.4 million — £54.5 million of which have been awarded to local SMEs.

UK Government Minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said: “It is wonderful to see local people directly benefiting from employment opportunities the Glasgow City Region Deal has created.

“The UK Government is investing £523 million in the deal, supporting the creation of these new jobs and levelling up its communities with important infrastructure projects.

“And across Scotland we are investing more than £2.2 billion in regional projects and initiatives.”

The Glasgow City Region Sustainable Procurement Strategy, published in 2021, commits all suppliers delivering City Deal contracts to a range of community benefits relevant to their contract.

These community benefit requirements include encouraging the creation of fair, quality job opportunities for residents in the Region through targeted employment and training initiatives, educational support, vocational training, third sector and voluntary sector initiatives, environmental work, and supply chain development activity.

All of the employment opportunities are also targeted towards residents from priority groups, as part of the Region’s commitment to promote opportunities for young people who disproportionately experience disadvantage and inequality within the Region to gain skills, employment and career progression.

Scottish Government Business Minister Ivan McKee said: “I welcome the creation of nearly 300 apprenticeships and new entrant jobs as part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal.

 “The Scottish Government’s £500 million investment in this Deal is helping create a fairer and more prosperous economy.”

Over its lifetime, the City Deal is set to create 29,000 new jobs across the Region in addition to 15,000 temporary jobs during the construction period and supporting 5,500 unemployment residents back into work.