City Deal Projects to Better Manage Rainwater and Improve Greenspace Starting Soon

Two Glasgow City Region City Deal projects designed to better manage rainwater across Penilee and Cardonald are due to start work in the coming weeks.

These vital projects will reduce the negative economic and social impact of flooding to homes, businesses and transport links, as well as improving greenspace and protecting waterways from pollution. 

Glasgow City Region City Deal (funded by both the UK and Scottish Governments) are key funders of these projects through the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP), which is working with partners to deliver a programme of schemes to ‘Sustainably Drain Glasgow’ – targeting areas across the city where rainfall adversely impacts communities.

Queensland Court and Gardens

Jointly funded by Southside Housing Association, Central Scotland Green Network Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage’s Green Infrastructure Fund – measures which mimic the way rainwater would be managed naturally, will be soon be introduced at Queensland Court and Gardens as part of the project.

Complemented by attractive planting schemes, these measures know as SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), will take the form of a series of raingardens, grassed channels and a shallow basin which will store and treat rainwater before it enters the existing drainage network. 

With work expected to start in the summer, the near environment will also be enhanced through landscaping, footpath construction, the creation of natural play areas as well as improved access and car parking.


To help manage surface water before it enters the Lin Burn, SuDS measures will also be introduced in the Penilee area, with construction work due to start at the Penilee Recreation Area and Bowfield Place, this spring. Project benefits will also include landscaping, footpath construction and the creation of natural play areas.

Landscape Design

In the next few weeks, ahead of construction and across both projects – a limited number of poorer quality trees will be felled in the immediate project areas, however this will be compensated for in the coming months with a high quality landscape design which will ultimately increase the variety of plants and animal life. For the Queensland Court and Gardens project – this will involve the creation of a small community orchard for the benefit of local residents.

Both the UK and Scottish Governments are providing the Glasgow City Region local authorities with £500million each in grant funding for the Glasgow City Region City Deal.