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Glasgow City Region - Blogs

A summary of Glasgow City Region Blogs posted to date is set out below: 



September Director's Blog: Glasgow City Region's plans for economic recovery 

June Director's Blog: Gateway Review success and the next five years

February Councillor Ross, Leader of South Lanarkshire: Investing in people through skills and employment 

February Director's Blog: Progress underway 

January Director's Blog:  2020 Vision - Accelerating growth, ambition and opportunity



December Director's Blog:  Reflections on Five Years  

November Director's Blog:  Climate Change Adaption  

October Director's Blog:  Recent developments  

September Director's Blog:  Tackling Child Poverty 

August Director's Blog:  Five year milestone 

July Director's Blog :  Powering up our Economic Intelligence

June Director's Blog:  Progress 

May Director's Blog:  Improving the quality of our Place 

April Director's Blog:  A Partnership for People 

March Director's Blog:  City Region of Innovation 

January / February Director's Blog:  GCR progresses at pace